What inspires me

The world around us is can beautiful and scary place but fully of inspiration.Everything around us can spark a new brilliant idea. It could be a color, a political statement, pop culture, worldly cultures, movies, music, the news, fashion, etc. So what inspires me? All of the above. I carry around a notebook so that when creativity strikes I can jot it down.

Right now the movie Black Panther is starting to inspire me the most, along with a lot of other people. A movie like Black Panther is full of inspiration for many reasons. The political view of African Culture and black pride, the fashion and colors, the men and women represented in the film. The list goes on. I know that I want to do a shoot that would make Wankanda proud.

I based all my fashion and beauty shoots on one central idea or theme, no matter what it is. For one shoot it could be the spirit of Black Girl Magic like my “Black is Beautiful”shoot. For another it could be a color, like my “Feeling a little Blue” shoot that will take place in March. Or my “Pretty in Pink” shoot that is to be done for Breast Cancer Awareness in August.

Sometimes I am listening to music and I get inspired by a lyric in the song, the energy and feeling that the song invokes, or the song title itself.

I could even be as simple as the love and devotion of the couple I’m shooting for their engagement session or wedding.

When I am shooting Seniors I let their interest and personality guide the shoot. No two seniors are alike so their shoots will never be the same. For a student devoted to the theater and drama we may go to a place like the Palace Theater and plan the shoot around that. For a softball player we will go to a softball field and shoot them in uniform.

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