The Face Gawdess

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

By Adonis Richards

The Essence Latifah BLM shoot was an elegant and powerful photoshoot that displayed activism through the art of photography. Several models put on their game face and expressed their passion for black lives. Here is an interview revealing the profile of one of the fabulous models Twilisha aka the Face Gawdess.

In an interview with Twilisha, we were able to get a better understanding of her world, who she is, and her opinions on the shoot, as well as Black Live Matter in general. In an attempt to raise awareness to BLM, Essence Latifah hosted a shoot with capable and powerful models in the capital region.

Twilisha is a 35 year old black woman from Schenectady, New York. She has a passion for makeup artistry, hence the name and brand the Face Gawdess. “ Art in general thrills me, but Makeup is my LOVE”.

Her favorite hobby is learning about true crime, but she indulges in a plethora of other hobbies that she values deeply. When it comes to modeling, Twilisha’s favorite pose is having a hand up with her heel popped to show off her magnificent legs and beautifully shaped waist.

When asked when she started modeling she responded “ Do I even?”

Twilisha’s desire to get in front of a camera comes from her passion for makeup. The promotion of her artistry motivated her to do this shoot. She gains notoriety and recognition for being both a beautiful and talented woman.

Twilisha believes that the importance of a shoot such as the BLM shoot is in order to visualize the art and beauty that comes from the pain of black folks. “ Black people are amazing and resilient. We ARE powerful, but we do get tired”

Black Lives Matter to Twilisha is about humanity. The recognition that black people are human and deserve the respect of being human.

“ It's saying we are HUMANS. We are people. We deserve so much more than at best being ignored, and at worst killed in our own homes for no reason. It's shining a light on the injustice.”

The impact Twilisha believes this shoot will have on people is simply put to see the “ power and the beauty”. To personify not just the pain and struggle but the beautiful elements of black folks that so many don’t see or understand in their everyday lives.

The importance of raising awareness is paramount to the movement as liberation and equality grow closer and closer. Through photography, Essence Latifah Photography seeks to assist in said awareness by highlighting powerful models with the intent of expressing their passions and ability to reveal the beauty in black bodies, voices, faces, and lifestyles.

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