My Photography Story

Once upon a time there was a girl who dreamed of being a big shot in the fashion world. She had everything planned out. But like the saying goes “If you want to make God laugh tell him your plan.” Things just didn’t work out the way she hoped. She did get a degree in Fashion Design, it just wasn’t in NYC. Although she went to a lesser know school she learned a lot, mostly about the nature of people. During her sophomore year she was told she needed an elective to meet her degree requirements. Did she take jewelry making or illustration like most of her classmates, of course not. She took a photography 101 class and she feel in love. She never thought anything other than design could fulfill her but she was wrong. Oh so very wrong. That one photography class opened her eye to a whole new world. A world of possibilities. Designing and making clothes was one this but photography made her feel like a true artist. That one photography class led her to minor in photography. After graduation her plans were to go to NYC and get a job at a design company. Once again her plan was railroaded. She decided to get the first job she could to survive and she put her hopes and dreams on the back burner. In 2013 she became ill and was unable to work. This is a girl that had 2 jobs in high school and was a part 5 different clubs; 4 jobs in college and the president of 2 clubs; went to grad school at night and a full time job during the day. She was not used to just sitting around doing nothing. So needless to say not being able to work drove her nuts. So she decided to pick up her camera again for the first time since graduating in 2011. Due to her love for fashion and for photography the next logical step was to concentrate on Fashion Photography. She filled her free time (and she had a lot of it) honing her skills and reading anything she could get her hands on about photography and lighting. After a few months she planned her first photo shoot called “Black & White.” It was a horrible. The hair stylist and 1 model didn’t show up and they had to improvise. The studio owner mis-represented the studio she rented. It was nothing like the pictures. Luckily the talent that did show up was great. So why was is so horrible? Her technical skills weren’t up to par and with such a simple shoot there was no hiding it. But she learned a lot from that shoot. So much so that her next shoot, “Fashionably Late” was published in the October issue of Ellements Magazine. If you were to ask her, “What is your favorite part about photography?” She would respond, “I love creative beautiful images where I get to show people how beautiful they are. I get to meet so many different kinds of people that otherwise I would not meet. I get to learn something new from every shoot because no two shoots are the same. It’s truly an adventure.” She loves every part of being a photographer, even the endless hours sitting in front of a computer editing photos. Current she has decided to take the skills she learned about shooting fashion editorials and beauty shoot and apply them to Weddings and Senior Portraits, both one in a lifetime experiences. She decided to expand into Senior Portraits and Weddings because she wants to be able to capture the special moments you experience and memorialize them for years to come. To learn more about this girl visit our About Us page. 

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