Intro to the 2021 Barcelona Destination Shoot

By: Adonis Richards

Did you ever wish to travel to different countries and explore the arts, customs, and creativity of these places? Imagine being able to travel across the world, to a new place seeing the different ways people create & Learn. This is something that you dream of every single day, well then, Essence Latifah photography has the perfect trip for you. Essence Latifah photography invites you to our Destination Photoshoot in Barcelona Spain.

This wondrous trip is a beautiful getaway for 7 Days. Join us in this immaculate cultural experience. There you will experience an array of cultural nuances within Spain, learning a new place in the world is growing in your field. Come with us as we experience this wonderful city filled with beautiful arts and amazing scenery.

What will you experience during this trip? Essence Latifah photography has created a  detailed itinerary for your trip. During your 7-day trip experience a number of different things. Imagine yourself basking in the beautiful sunset that graces over Barcelona, Spain. This is in combination with the colorful art displayed all over this illustrious City. The six-night stay includes an overnight flight on a trip to Barcelona, 6 nights, and hand-picked hotels with 6 breakfasts. 3 dinners with beer or wine of your choosing, also a wine tasting. This is also combined with guided sightseeing tours, an expert tour director and local guides. On top of this oh, you will experience a private deluxe motorcoach. During your stay with you will be well taken care of, with the freedom to explore your leisure. 

In addition,  each participant gets to experience a complete unique photoshoot experience. This includes Hair, Makeup, wardrobe, props, high scale talent, and amazing locations. The Photoshoot experience is the main focus of this trip, and participants will have a plethora of opportunities to experience a full and unique photoshoot experience.  

Day one 

Day one will be a travel day. You will board your overnight flight to Barcelona on this day. There isn't much for this day, try your best to enjoy some sleep catch up on some work during the flight, or just play games and enjoy this overnight flight. 

Day two 

the arrival

We will arrive in Barcelona. In the morning, welcome to Barcelona. You will be transferred from the airport to your hotel where you will get settled in. Here you can take a quick rest, stretch, get comfortable with your new living space for the next week. Now that you've gotten off the plane, and you can finally relax your body, please make sure to check out the sights on your way to the hotel. Get accustomed to everything, look up some tours, speak to some locals. Feel free to discover your surroundings in the new place you're going to get used to for next week. Most of this can be done in the afternoon as well, the afternoon during the day to is a free day Basically. Feel free to explore on your own, see some sights learn some new things about the culture yet you're in. In the evening, we will be gathering for a welcome dinner. 

This is an inaugural dinner, to understand our mission here to enjoy each other's company. Also to appreciate a long flight in the long journey we've had. This is a great time to visit some of the many sites of Barcelona. They may give you inspiration! Some sites to check out could be the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya, a majestic site that is home to a magnificent museum. Take time to appreciate the sun and look for places the lighting touches. These could be pivotal to your shoots. The Magic Fountain Show at night as well, the scenery is breathtaking according to latitudefortyone

Day 3 

Sightseeing tour 

This is a designated day of rest where everyone will have the opportunity to explore the city. Take this time to explore some landmarks in the city and gain inspiration for shooting. There is a myriad of locations to shoot. On top of that, there are plenty of opportunities to collect souvenirs, experience culture and discover art to inspire you in Barcelona!.

Here is a list of special destinations you may find intriguing during your rest day: La Sagrada Familia, Montjuic Castle, Las Arenas Commerical Center. La Sagrada Familia is arguably one of the best attractions in Barcelona. The inside of the Basilica is just as amazing as the outside. Breathtaking scenery with a spiral staircase and a historical background to boot. Montjuic Castle was once an army stronghold as well as a political prison. This base now is a museum for military history, delivering a beautiful breeze on top of awe-inspiring views of Barcelona. This location is a must-visit. Lastly, Las Arenas Commercial Center was once a famous bullring, now transformed into a shopping center with 115 shops and six floors. These scenes could give the inspiration necessary to assist in shooting. Take time and learn the entirety of Barcelona and understand the aesthetics it delivers. These simple aspects could make or break your shoot. 

Day 4 

Fall in love with Barcelona

This is the first day of shooting in beautiful, rambunctious Barcelona. After your first two days exploring the wondrous sites that Barcelona has to offer now the best parts begin. Shooting. Birds of Paradise is your theme. Imagine being a free spirit in the wind gliding along with the warm, Barcelona sunrise. Envision the movement and the stance you’d be in dancing in the sun rays as you become one with the sky. Hair and makeup begin at 7:00 am sharp, shooting in the city begin at 11:00 am. The shoot will be all over Barcelona so make sure you were choosing spots on your first two exploration days. These are important, make sure you can get the best lighting and scenery for the shoots as these will amplify or diminish your shoots insurmountably.

Places such as Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya, or the Bunkers del Carmel may be perfect locations for this type of shoot. With breathtaking sceneries in both the city and at heights respectively, the first day of shooting will be captured wonderfully in the first day of the shoot. Lunch will be served at 1 pm and we will reconvene at 3:30 for part two. Take the time to retake angles you didn’t think hit that mark of discovering new angles of shots already taken from different perspectives. The change in the day can give lighting that glistens differently on a model’s face, so make sure to do the same poses at different times!

Day 5  Park Guell & Hospital de Saint Pau  As the morning dew begins to glisten on Barcelona under the sun, you will begin your day by heading into Park Guell. This marvelous architecture was designed by Antoni Gaudi, a renowned Spanish Architect. Exploring the wonders of Park Guell, you’ll experience stunning buildings. This includes intricate stonework, along with colorful mosaics that make the walk worthwhile. At the top of the park, be in awe by the gorgeous views of Barcelona from a birds-eye. When you’re finished with that experience, it would behoove you to visit the nearby hospital de Sant Pau. This is a UNESCO World Heritage site designed by Lluis Domenech I Montaner and remained a functioning hospital until 2009.  This is also the second day of shooting. The themes are surrounded by Cantina. We will begin with travel to Park Guell, then move onto the tour. Be sure to notice the beautiful architecture as you tour around for locations to shoot. This will be a guided tour, the hospital has been converted into a museum and cultural center. Here you will learn about modernist architecture and vast history.  In the evening, you’re allowed to enjoy a Barcelona Home-hosted Dinner. Here, you may join a local at their humble abode in Barcelona to enjoy their home-cooked food. This is a cultural experience like no other, where you’ll get to experience the day-to-day- lifestyle. This will most likely give you a new perspective on Catalan culture. 

Day 6 Picasso and Gothic Barcelona In the morning you will join a local guide on a stroll through an intriguing sector of Barcelona. This is the Gothic Quarter or Barri Gotic which is home to some of the city’s most historic landmarks. The massive Barcelona cathedral is a landmark you’ll walk by, commonly titled La Seu. This building is named after the city’s patron saint. After that, take the time to admire King Square, discover the wondrous artistry El Born neighborhood. You can also walk by the Basilica of Santa Maria del Mar before stepping inside the iconic Picasso Museum which houses an amazing collection of work by Pablo Picasso. This is where you get to peer into the brilliance of the historically great artist.

This day is also dedicated to the third and final day of shooting. Here, you will experience the Day of the Dead, or Dias de las Muertos. Take time to learn the history of this important holiday as it holds a powerful significance within the Spanish culture. This may give extra life to your photography as you comprehend the meaning behind the culture. According to Life in Barcelona, Barcelona has a special way of celebrating the holiday. Local families travel to cemeteries with various trinkets in order to celebrate the dead. Creating altars in their homes for the dead, locals celebrate the lives of the deceased. In Barcelona, a unique means to celebrate titles Ruta de Altares, “The idea is not to celebrate death, but to celebrate the life of the person by remembering them. The best way to describe an altar is almost like a table set out for an important guest; someone coming to visit who you haven’t seen for a long time.” according to a native.  When shooting, a great way to celebrate the city would be to incorporate the day of the dead in your shoot. Add makeup that celebrates the culture, use colors that resemble the traditions possibly. 

Day 7  Free day. For both morning and afternoon, you are able to explore the city of Barcelona to your leisure. In the evening, the Gothic quarter’s cooking school is open for exploration. Here you will prepare a regional dish alongside a professional chef. After that, you may enjoy drinking local wine and eating the foods you prepared at a farewell dinner with your fellow travelers. 

Day 8 Heading home This is your final day, you will travel to the airport in the morning and have a full day of flying back home. In the Evening, your journey is finally over, you can unpack your trip, place your souvenirs away and relax as you can knock Barcelona Spain off your bucket list. 

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