How I Make You Feel Comfortable

Getting your photos taking can be daunting. When you are nervous and anxious, it will show in the photos.  So how do I ensure that you look as relaxed as possible and look your best in your pictures? I make sure you comfortable shooting with me. 

Ensuring that you are comfortable during your session and with your photographer is very important. Personally, I send out a questionnaire to get to know you. The form asks questions like your favorite magazine, favorite song and music. These may seem like irrelevant questions when you are preparing for a session, but it allows me to make sure I have some of your favorite songs to loosen you up and latest issue of your favorite magazine to read while getting hair and makeup done.

I enjoy talking to my clients, not like a business woman trying to make a sell, but like a person talking to a new friend. We have a conversation about anything you want. We can talk about the latest movie that just came out or answer all the questions that’s weighing on your mind. I want you to laugh and have fun. Laughter makes your smiles look more natural and trust me you want that.

We will take some silly test shots, so you can get use to the bright flashes and to get out some of those jitters. I want them to be silly, so you can enjoy being in front of the camera. 

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