Different Styles of Wedding Photography

When you are searching through the sea of photographers, you will notice that they all have different kinds of photos. Some only have the traditional poses, some have more candid, some have these unique and artistic angles. There are several different styles that your photographer can produce, Documentary, Portraiture, Fine Art and a bit Edgy to name a few. In order to choose which style you want means that you need to understand what they are.

A Documentary Photographer does just that document your day as it unfolds. It important to note that they take organic photos of the two of you and your family and decor. You will rarely find stiff, posed images or someone . Some photos may include a moment you are your bridal party laughing and smiling, emotions during the toast and first dance, your guest dancing and having the time of their lives.

A Portraiture Photography is the style that most people know about. They take traditional and classic photos, like in your parents wedding album. You will get posed photos of the two of you, your family and guest very structured and formal at the alter or in front of your venue. There are different ways to pose and compose the shot to bring in some of that creativity hiding inside you. Your photographer can shoot in the realm of drama, where you may be posed in a different location, like or with an unique prop like a fire truck.

A Fine Art Photographer takes photos a bit like a Documentary photographer but gives them more creative freedom. When they shoot, they shoot with their specific style and point of view. While you will get some marvelous, the end product may look like film. The images will have a grainier, dreamier, and softer, feel to them. Normally whatever they are shooting, whether it's the two of you or photos of all the details, is in focus and the background appears to blur. Photographers that still shoot with film fall into this category.

A Edgy and Bold Photographer are the ones that you would consider out the box angles. You will see an image where an image is taking from up above or down below. There could be photos that are taken of the bride with one of her details in focus and her out of focus. There are photographers that do a mixture of portraiture and documentary, or the portraiture and edgy and bold. You just have to know what kind of photos you would want to see twenty years from now.

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