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Guilty Pleasures


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May 2021

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The purpose of our Photo Shoot Experiences is to provide unique and one of a kind photographs to your portfolio or just to have a fun girls day.  Our shoots are group shots that will include other models ad people. We do group shoots to make the shoot more affordable. For instance, the Guilty Pleasures shoot would be over $3,000 to a model to complete the shoot i the location and with all the professional crew. 

Our shoots are themed and include everything you need to create the perfect shot. 

We also offer custom shoots for that perfect girls bonding day, which is perfect for the start of a bachelorette party, I mean you'll already be dolled up to start your night. 

What's Included

Everything needed to create that perfect magazine-worthy shot is included. 

  • Hair

  • Makeup

  • Wardrobe

  • Styling

  • Props

  • Nails

  • Jewelry 

  • Shoes

  • A Fabulous Location 

Application Process

Some of the shoots have an application process and others do not. 

The shoots not needing an application, all you have to do is pay the fee and you are in. The shoots without an application have simpler themes and normally beauty shoots. These shoots can also be used as a teaching shoot for newer models to help them build their portfolio or for those that just want a nice shoot. 

The shoot that needs you to apply will be noted. Our Planning Committee will look over your application and previous work. There is a $25 non-refundable application fee that will apply to the cost of the shoot if chosen. If rejected from the shoot, you will be given the reasoning and suggestions to make your application stronger for next time. 


Any shoot under $300 will be due before the shoot starts.


For our shoots over $300, payment plans are available. A deposit of 15% is due at the time of registration when using a payment plan. You are still able to participate in the shoot, even if you are not paid in full, as long as you are current on. your payment plan. However, you will not receive any photos or sneak peeks until you are paid in full.

We accept the following payment

  • Credit cards (in person and online)

  • Check

  • Money Order

  • Bank Transfers.

  • Cashapp

  • Venmo

  • Zelle

  • Square Gift Cards

Process and Forms

EVERYONE who participates (models, MUA, hair, etc.) have to sign a model release, Role Description form, ad Code of Conduct. 

  1. The model release is a document that allows the photographer to submit the photos to the magazines. 

  2. Role Description form describes the task of each person that is participating in the shoot. By signing this form, you agree not to cross over into someone else's role. Giving suggestions is welcomed and encouraged.   

  3. Code of Conduct outlines the expectations of each person (like tagging participants correctly) and potential consequences for breaking the code of conduct before, during, and/or after.

Communication is key in shoots like this. Each shoot will have 2 Messager groups, 1 for the production crew, and 1 for everyone. The purpose of these groups is to facilitate effective communication. We will also have zoom meetings to discuss the details of the shoot so that everyone is on the same page.

After the shoot, everyone will receive a gallery link so that they can view is of raw images. The photos in the gallery will not include the photos chosen for the magazine. Everyone will receive copies of the cheer sheets from the magazine as well as three photos chosen by the photographer. Each participant is able to purchase additional photos to be edited at a rate of $15 per photo.

Meet the Planning Committee


Essence Latifah


 love planning all the details that go into a Fashion Shoot. I am always traveling and networking with other people. I wanted to produce an amazing photoshoot in all the beautiful places in the world. I wonder if anyone else would be interested in participating in the shoot. So welcome to the 1st biannual Destination Shoot.


Although I am no Sebastian Kim or Lindsey Adler, but I can hold my own. I do know what I am doing behind the camera. I plan multiple successful shoots a year and absolutely love it. I have a network of photographers, MUA, hairstylists, and designers.


I also know how the industry works and how to approach people to get them interested. The best part of the experience is that all you have to do is show up, there is no planning on your part. Forget about the stress, the logistics, the planning and leave it up to me.

Twilisha Heasdshot.jpg


Make-up Artists

THE FACE GAWDESS is a makeup artist serving women who are interested in presenting a complete and polished package to the world. She serves celebrities and socialites as well as fashion industry professionals.

Twilisha, Make-Up Artist and founder of THE FACE GAWDESS has a passion for expression through art, beauty and fashion. Her education in fine art translates to her clients getting a creative approach to image enhancement. Her visuals… are BLESSED.


Wardrobe Stylists

Jasenya is the ower od Styld ' EMRGD. She is a fashion stylist, fashion consultant, and wardrobe manager. She will encourage you to step away from doubts and assist you with developing a style unique to you, your brand or your project.