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2022 Barcelona Destination Shoot 


When: TBD

Duration: 8 days

Cost: $5,000 *

Current Cost

Currently, the cost of the trip and the cost of producing 3 amazing photoshoots is approximately $5,000 per person. 

We are planning several events and fundraising plans throughout the next year to bring the price of the shoot down to $2500. Join us and follow our Funding goals using the thermometer.


At the time of the shoot, we will refund anyone's money that overpaid due to successful fundraising via Cashier's Check or back to the way that was paid.


Day one 

There isn't much for this day, try your best to enjoy some sleep catch up on some work during the flight, or just play games and enjoy this overnight flight. 


Day two 

The Arrival

We will arrive in Barcelona. In the morning, welcome to Barcelona. You will be transferred from the airport to your hotel where you will get settled in. Feel free to discover your surroundings in the new place you're going to get used to for next week. Most of this can be done in the afternoon as well, the afternoon during the day is a free day Basically. Feel free to explore on your own, see some sights learn some new things about the culture yet you're in. In the evening, we will be gathering for a welcome dinner. 


Day three 

Sightseeing tour 

This is a designated day of rest where everyone will have the opportunity to explore the city. Take this time to explore some landmarks in the city and gain inspiration for shooting. There is a myriad of locations to shoot. On top of that, there are plenty of opportunities to collect souvenirs, experience culture, and discover art to inspire you in Barcelona!.


Day four 

Fall in love with Barcelona

This is the first day of shooting in beautiful, rambunctious Barcelona. After your first two days exploring the wondrous sites that Barcelona has to offer now the best parts begin. Shooting. Birds of Paradise is your theme. Hair and makeup begin at 7:00 am sharp, shooting in the city begin at 11:00 am. The shoot will be all over Barcelona.

Day five 

Park Guell & Hospital de Saint Pau 

As the morning dew begins to glisten on Barcelona under the sun, you will begin your day by heading into Park Guell. This is also the second day of shooting. The themes are surrounded by Cantina. We will begin with travel to Park Guell, then move onto the tour. Be sure to notice the beautiful architecture as you tour around for locations to shoot. In the evening, you’re allowed to enjoy a Barcelona Home-hosted Dinner. 

Day six  

Picasso and Gothic Barcelona

In the morning you will join a local guide on a stroll through an intriguing sector of Barcelona.  This day is also dedicated to the third and final day of shooting. Here, you will experience the Day of the Dead or Dias de las Muertos.

Day seven

Free day.

For both morning and afternoon, you are able to explore the city of Barcelona to your leisure. In the evening, the Gothic quarter’s cooking school is open for exploration

Day eight

Heading home

This is your final day, you will travel to the airport in the morning and have a full day of flying back home. In the Evening, your journey is finally over, you can unpack your trip, place your souvenirs away and relax as you can knock Barcelona Spain off your bucket list. 

Application Process

Everyone has to apply to be apart of the shoot to make sure that we are all on the same level to produce magazine-worthy shots. We have a team that will review your work and application. if not chosen you will be given the reasoning behind it and suggestions o how to make your application stronger for next time. If rejected you are able to reapply 6 months later. 

The application fee is $75 and non-refundable. If chosen your fee will be deducted from the cost of the shoot. 

What is included?

Airplane Wing

Travel Cost

All your travel cost are covered. The price includes  round trip airfare, hotel, travel to and from the photo locations, and more

Red Flamenco Dress

Excursions and Activities

Each destination trip will also include the cost of activities, like sightseeing tours and cultural activities. We will be shooting during the day so you have your evenings free to enjoy the trip.

A Team of Professional​s

We only shoot for 3-4 days of the trip. Each day will be a different location and a different mood board and themes. You will be split into different groups each day. Depending on the attendance, each group will have an MUA, Hair Stylists, wardrobe stylists, and a creative director.

Meet the Planning Committee


Essence Latifah


I love planning all the details that go into a Fashion Shoot. I am always traveling and networking with other people. I wanted to produce an amazing photoshoot in all the beautiful places in the world. I wonder if anyone else would be interested in participating in the shoot. So welcome to the 1st biannual Destination Shoot.


Although I am no Sebastian Kim or Lindsey Adler, but I can hold my own. I do know what I am doing behind the camera. I plan multiple successful shoots a year and absolutely love it. I have a network of photographers, MUA, hairstylists, and designers.


I also know how the industry works and how to approach people to get them interested. The best part of the experience is that all you have to do is show up, there is no planning on your part. Forget about the stress, the logistics, the planning and leave it up to me.

Twilisha Heasdshot.jpg


Make-up Artists

THE FACE GAWDESS is a makeup artist serving women who are interested in presenting a complete and polished package to the world. She serves celebrities and socialites as well as fashion industry professionals.

Twilisha, Make-Up Artist and founder of THE FACE GAWDESS has a passion for expression through art, beauty and fashion. Her education in fine art translates to her clients getting a creative approach to image enhancement. Her visuals… are BLESSED.



Simone has been a staple on the Fashion and modeling community in the Capital Region for several years. She has walked the runways for designers like Sylvia Robinson. She has had such success that she decided to help other aspiring models by opening VM Management. 

VM Management mission is to show the beauty in everyone. At VMM they strive to assist models with ways to achieve their goals in their career to become a professional model, teaching the in's and out's of industry, as well as helping seasoned vets book castings, update portfolios, and revamp their resume